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Michael Howley

Michael Howley

Chief Scientific Officer / Founder

Michael Howley PA-C, PhD has been an Associate Clinical Professor at the LeBow College of Business for the past ten years. Prior to becoming a business professor, Mike worked for 2 decades as a clinical Physician Assistant (PA). He spent 9 years of his PA career delivering primary care to underserved areas of rural Maine in family practice and emergency room settings. He also spent 11 years working in critical care and surgical services.

While providing clinical care to individual patients, Mike became interested in the issue of how to efficiently deliver high quality care to groups of patients. He began to study these issues while managing a surgical practice and pursuing an MBA at the University of Maine.

Mike received his PhD from Arizona State University in 2005. His academic research and teaching focuses on measuring and managing service quality. He teaches courses on managing quality, strategy, Marketing Strategy, and the Business of Healthcare.