Performer gives sponsors and CROs access to data that tracks performance as the clinical trial progresses, giving you the ability to make decisions that lead to clinical trial success.


For those on the front lines of clinical research.

Performer keeps you on top of your clinical trials. The Data Collection tool compiles the data that matters most, and is the hardest to gather—the assessments of everyone responsible for trial operations. From the sales process to the final study report, Performer’s validated instruments are developed in collaboration with Drexel University.

Individual and Group Users

Performer allows you to register in two ways; you can register as an individual user, or your company can register as a group. The group administrators have complete control of their members, including the ability to choose whose insights they would like to collect and the ability to assign assessments to specific group members.

Search and Select Trials

With search engines connected to the database, Performer makes it easy to search and find your company’s clinical trials. A basic or advanced search displays up-to-date clinical trial information.

Add Clinical Trials Manually

Adding clinical trial information is quick and easy. Performer only requires the most basic information so you can get started immediately.

Trial Information Review

Review all trial information while you search. Performer provides detailed information directly from to ensure you select the correct trial.

Admin Dashboard

Track your progress of your group’s performance throughout the entire clinical trial. At the click of a button you can add more clinical trials and members, assign additional assessments, and view the status of your members’ assessments completion status- one trial and one assessment at a time.

The Trial Management Module™ provides actionable insights about teamwork, knowledge, timeliness and efficacy—highlighting what’s working well and what could work better. Performance data is collected from start to finish—from the sales and contracting phase through to the study wrap up. These assessments provide specific findings and action points, leading to smart decisions that help manage clinical trials better through benchmarking, key performance drivers, and predictive analytics:

Sales and Contracting

How well did the sponsor and CRO begin their relationship? Users are asked to rate their interactions with the sales team, including the quality and knowledge of the initial proposal, proposed resources and timetable for study execution. This phase also asks users to compare satisfaction with the initial proposal to the final proposal.

Study Startup

Looks at important milestones at the initiation of the study, including alignment of personnel on study goals and objectives to the performance of the study manager. As investigators are enrolled, the team is able to give feedback on how effectively this process is at identifying qualified physicians.

Study Conduct

As the study continues, performance continues to be measured in terms of adherences to the study protocol, adaptability of the study team, and the ability of the team to meet enrollment targets, from the first site to last site, first patient to last patient. This phase of the assessment looks at routine monitoring visits, medical management and the safety plan.

Study Closeout

At this stage, performance, timeliness, efficiency, and knowledge of team members are evaluated in the management of closeout visits, the collection of critical documents, and the medical writing and development of the final clinical study report.

Clinical Trial Quality

Assesses the reliability, quality of service, responsiveness, trust and confidence, attention and commitment of the team throughout the life of the clinical trial. This recap also looks at expectations of cost compared to actual cost, evaluating the total value of the relationship.