Performer gives sponsors and CROs access to data that tracks performance as the clinical trial progresses, giving you the ability to make decisions that lead to clinical trial success.


Next generation of tools to improve and benchmark clinical research.

Performer delivers data via in-trial alerts and a dashboard that provides pre-set and customizable views. Our proprietary algorithm gives you the ability to perform root cause analysis by drilling down into the performance of dozens of functional and professional skill areas. Performer is the first tool to enable true benchmarking against both internal and external measurements at the trial, functional and corporate levels.

In-Trial Alerts

Administrators receive email notifications regarding the status and performance of their clinical trial in real-time, allowing them to anticipate and address potential issues throughout the duration of the trial.

Standard Online Reports

Group administrators have access to a multitude of organized data assessing their trial’s performance against the industry average by using primary and key drivers to benchmark trial performance.

Key Drivers Identification

Using predictive modeling, Performer can identify those factors that significantly drive quality. You will receive benchmark data on all relevant clinical trial factors, with the significant drivers of quality highlighted.

Primary Driver Identification

Performer will also highlight those factors that have the greatest impact on clinical trial quality. The primary drivers are not only significant, but also substantial. This allows you to focus your efforts for the greatest ROI.