Performer gives sponsors and CROs access to data that tracks clinical trial performance metrics as the clinical trial progresses, giving you the ability to measure operational performance and make decisions that lead to clinical trial success.


Four simple steps to better performing trials.

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  Manage Your Trials

Performer makes it easy to search and find your company’s clinical trials on the database. A basic or advanced search displays up-to-date clinical trial information; if your trial is not already in the database it can be added manually to Performer. Simply click the add button(s) to collect your company’s trials and detailed trial information can be viewed and accessed at any time.

  Add Members

Group administrators have complete control of who provides data and who can access to the data.

Select Assessments

Group members are automatically invited to input data. Assessments are selected from drop down menus associated with each trial. Progress and completion status for each member’s assessments are prominently displayed for monitoring.

  Complete Assessments

Group administrators have complete control of their members and group(s) with access to Performer’s administrative dashboard. The administrator can decide on whose insights they would like to collect and assign assessments to their specific group members.

  Track Progress

In addition to receiving in-trial alerts from Performer™, you can track the progress of your group’s performance while your clinical trials are in progress using the administrative dashboard. At the click of a button you can: add more trials and members, assign additional assessments, and view the status of your member’s assessment completion performance. The member and trial views on the administrative dashboard provide an at-a-glance view of recent activity, and an overview of assessment completion status for each member and trial.

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  Report Performance

Group administrators can track their team’s performance with a multitude of graphs and charts. They can focus their analysis using primary and key drivers to benchmark trial performance. At the same time, administrators can tailor their analysis using our custom reporting function guided by their own experience. Performer also allows you to track your trials performance in more than three dozen functional and professional areas.

Performer’s graph and chart tools provide multiple scenarios for administrators to view and organize their data in a clean, easy-to-read format to help take the guesswork out of interpreting complex charts and graphs.