Performer gives sponsors and CROs access to data that tracks performance as the clinical trial progresses, giving you the ability to make decisions that lead to clinical trial success.

Clinical Trial Management

Advanced analytics in the hands of decision-makers.

Performer is the only validated performance data collection platform providing access to reliable clinical research benchmarking and key performance drivers. Experience better clinical trial management while they are in progress. Receive real-time, targeted insights into the “what” and “why” of clinical trial complications. Make proactive decisions to stay on track and exceed team and corporate expectations at every stage.

Functional Area Leads
Sponsor Outsourcing
Vendor Business Development
Alliance Governance      
Trial Management  
SWOT Analyses        
Resource Allocation  
Training Investment      
Marketing/Sales Messages    
Vendor Selection      

CROs and sponsors have access to all the right tools at all the right times—Performer provides answers and insights for sound decision making at every turn. Functional and team data is collected via validated, online data collection applications, reported through an intuitive dashboard and disseminated throughout the organization at the touch-of-a-button. Teams can function with complete transparency, celebrating success and immediately understanding opportunities for improvement.

Performer offers data collection, reporting and analysis that will ultimately provide the utmost in performance metrics of clinical trials. Contact CRO Analytics to learn more about optimizing the management of your next trial or click the button below to get started today.