CRO Analytics improves the efficiency and effectiveness of outsourced clinical research. Utilizing, Performer™, we collect, analyze, report and apply data on Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) of outsourced clinical research through a proprietary, validated process.


Performer™ measures clinical trial quality through a series of stakeholder assessments that yield Quality Performance Metrics (QPMs) on the services and skills associated with carrying out clinical trials.


What Are QPIs?

Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) were identified through the statistical validation process in the development of the assessments used in Performer™ .That research, published in a series of peer-reviewed articles, identified the specific functions and skills that have the greatest impact on clinical trial quality.

Put more simply, QPIs are what drive the quality of your clinical trials and are why your KPIs are what they are. Improving your QPIs is the most efficient route to improving your KPIs.

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